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  • Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Huu Nghi Primary

Within a very short time I will be deeply entrenched in the most rewarding work of collaborating with the students, teachers, administrators and parents of Huu Nghi Primary School in Hai Phong City, Vietnam. With many presentations, workshops and sharing sessions planned I hope to learn and grow as an educator as I bring some of the ideas of STEM, STEAM and STR2EAM to this group of interested educators.. As a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, I am honored to be representing our country and educational system as I collaborate and with Huu Nghi.

And the trip is underway... I sit in the Chicago Airport, a stopover location often part of an itinerary when travel far and wide across the US or beyond. I am excited and nervous about working out all the details of the next few days. But as I've learned from past experiences, sometimes you just have to believe everything will work out. And with some careful planning and a few back-up plans, things usually do work out just fine. Next stop will be Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Truly the other side of the world. I'll be back soon with more updates and pictures!

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